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Introducing Myself and My Photography Journey

Posted on September 1, 2020   2 minute read

Welcome to my new website and my first blog post!

My name is Laura Conroy and I am a portrait photographer based in Manchester. I thought it would be interesting to explain my photography journey and my experiences so far.

When I was younger I always found myself taking pictures of everything and anything, I loved being able to see the world in a different perspective. On my 14th birthday I received my very own camera, I took it everywhere with me and captured so many pictures.

While in high school I knew the time was coming to start choosing my career by deciding what subjects I wanted to study in greater depth at college. I knew I had such a huge passion in photography and wanted to learn more and develop my skills. I made the decision to go to college to study photography full time. It was the best decision I ever made! I was learning and being inspired by the history of photography and important photographers of the past. I also enjoyed working in the studio, learning about film photography by developing and printing my own film images. Furthermore, being a creative and coming up with unique ideas for my projects. I experimented in every field from still life, landscapes, fashion, architecture, people and documentary.

The 2 years at college went so quickly and I loved every moment of it, I applied for university and I was accepted into the Arts University of Bournemouth for a 3-year degree in photography.

I started university in 2016 and I learnt so much in the 3 years, I was able to experiment further with my photography and after the first few projects I knew portrait photography was for me! I really enjoyed directing a model and collaborating with others such as make-up artists and stylists. I enjoyed shooting in the studio but also on location, this enabled me to understand and develop my skills with different lighting situations.

I graduated with a degree in photography and moved back to Manchester. I was a freelance photographer for a few months and then worked full time as a photographer at a modelling agency.

Hopefully you know me a little better now and my journey with photography which is still evolving and I am excited about what the future has to bring. Future blog posts will include more of my experiences, behind the scenes of my photoshoots, exhibitions and my inspirations.

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