How to decide on a location for a portrait photoshoot?

Location Tips for a photoshoot

Posted on March 16, 2021   1 minute read

Deciding on a location can be difficult sometimes for models and photographers as there are so many options! In this blog I will be sharing quick and easy tips to find a perfect location for your photoshoot.

Your Vision

Firstly, you should have a vision on what you would like your end images to look like. This includes the style of the images including the atmosphere it shows, for example if you’re wanting a bright and colourful shoot or a neutral moody colour. Do you want plain walls or street art?, buildings or a field? Beach or Forest?

Once you know what you want you can use the next few steps to help you find a perfect location.

Google Maps

Use google maps to look at different locations, use the street view for an accurate representation. You can also see how close places are to each other and whats around the corner.

Instagram Locations

Using Instagram to search different locations is helpful as you can see how others have been there with different perspectives and people.


Ask photographers, friends, models, family if they know of any cool places to have a photoshoot - this has really helped me in the past which led to great photos.

Go yourself

If you’re unsure and you have time, take a little road-trip and check out new places. Write these places down or take pictures to show the people you’re collaborating with.

Have fun and explore! I hope these tips have helped with ideas on how to find different locations for your photoshoot. Good luck!

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