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How to plan a photoshoot for all creatives?

Posted on April 11, 2021   2 minute read

Welcome back to my blogs! Are you wanting to create a photoshoot but don’t know where to start? This blog can help as I give details into planning a shoot and making your ideas become a reality. You may be a photographer, model, stylist or a make up artist but these should help. Enjoy.

Be Inspired - Use Pinterest or Instagram

Use inspiration from Instagram if you have saved any posts or posts you’ve liked in the past. Also Pinterest is fantastic for seeing different ideas and you can save the images into different boards that you create. Here is a link to my Pinterest As you can see I have different boards such as ‘editorial, studio, male, multiple people’.

Don’t just copy a photo that inspires you, take inspiration from different images so in one image you make like the neutral colours and in the other you may enjoy the poses so try to combine the inspiration into your own ideas.

Have A Vision

Think about what sort of images you want at the end, what sort of mood and colours will the photo give. For example you may want a bright colourful location so a place with bright graffiti and walls. On the other hand, you may prefer a moody look with darker colours and plain walls which gives more focus on the subject.

Choosing a model or photographer

Depending if you’re a model or photographer reading this blog.

If you’re a model pick a photographer that suits your style and vision, speak to them about your ideas and see if its something they can help with and would enjoy. They may also be creative and help with your vision in ways you haven’t thought.

If you’re a photographer find a model who fits the vision for your photoshoot. Have a conversation with them and see if it’s something they would like to collaborate on. Check out there recent photoshoots or portfolio to see if they match what you’re looking for.

Pick Clothes and Accessories

After being inspired and coming up with your ideas plan an outfit that suits the theme of the shoot. I always tell my models to bring 2/3 outfits to get a variety of shots in one shoot! Even if its just a change of top or jacket it can make a big difference Remember accessories and props such as hats, bags, glasses and coffee cups.

Make sure everyone involved in the photoshoot knows the details and vision. Go have fun and shoot! Hopefully parts of my work may inspire you, check it out

Have fun

Make sure everyone involved in the photoshoot knows the details and vision. Go have fun and shoot!

Hopefully I can help inspire parts of your shoot, check out my work at Instagram

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